Longing from afar (2020):

Longing from afar (2020)

open score for to be tele-performed
for any instruments or/and voices
duration: any length

Published by the composer (free download - scroll down)

Version5 (Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and children version):

Version5 (Youth Orchestra version):

Version3 (GAGAKU ensemble version):

Version5 (Koto Ensemble Version - "Dark Red"):

Version4 (Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Percussion Ensemble):

NMFS Festival artists
Koncertkirken, Copenhagen

Version5 (high school students in Broome County, NY):

Version5 (Koto Ensemble Version 2 - "Lime Green"):

Version5 (percussion orchestra version):

Version4 (London Sinfonietta with young musicians):

Version4 (Choir+4 Pianos+3 conductors version):

Version3 (Orchestra version):

Version3 (Percussion orchestra version):

Version3 (8 Shakuhachi version):

Version4 (4 Pianos version):

Version3 (Choir+Koto+Oboe version):

Version3 (orchestra version):

Version3 (Kids ensemble + Professional ensemble version):

Version3 (Shakuhachi ensemble version):

Version2 (choir version):

Version1 (choir version):

programme noteFREE download of the score here

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