Longing from afar

for to be tele-performed

This is an open score, designed to be tele-performed.
I was asked by my friend Kazuki Yamada to compose this work.

As a result of social distancing during the Covid 19 pandemic, I was considering how all musicians make sound together even when we are all physically far apart.

The situation is a unique one, as all musicians, amateurs, students, and professionals are staying at home due to lockdown. Consequently they are unable to play together. Conductors also have no possibilities to lead ensemble music.

This period is a testing time for national and regional leaders. Their decision making has a direct affect on the survival of many.

Inspired by this, I designed this work to be performed with leader/conductor, which is unlike many other open score works. The conductor has a direct influence on the sound of the music working ensemble with other musicians.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Harry Ross)



Covid 19のパンデミックの影響によるソーシャル ディスタンスの状況で、僕たち音楽家が物理的に離れていても、一緒に音を出し新しい音楽を作る方法は無いだろうか、と考えました。