"Returning" has been especially commissioned by Noriko Ogawa. I am a big fan of her as a pianist and I especially like the way she makes the piano sing during quiet passages of music. I decided in this small solo piece that the dynamic range would be largely piano and pianissimo. I also wanted to go back to basics, remembering how I used to bash out unison tunes on the keyboard, before I had my first piano lesson.

Here Left hand and Right hand play together, then quietly, the piece develops using only 3 basic rhythmic patterns. I also wanted impose two main restrictions: The maximum number of notes played together to make a chord would be only three. The use of Pedal is banned. These restrictions induced a feeling of melancholia, and also gave me a big headache! It took really long time to write and discarded much more than is heard in the piece. I have never composed music with this level of restriction, especially for piano which is an instrument with 88 keys and limitless possibilities. However, these restrictions have opened a new door for me.
I think that the pieces I have written after this work are somehow different….

Dai Fujikura


僕は、典子さんのピアノ演奏のファンで、とりわけ、弱音のなかでピアノを歌わせる彼女の技術に魅かれていましたので、これは良いチャンス!と思い「リターニング」では、曲の全部を、ピアニッシモの弱音で演奏してもらうことを思いつきました。また、この作品ではまずピアノの(僕にとっての)原点にもどろうと思い、子供の頃、僕が習いたてのピアノをペダルなしで叩いていたことを思い出し (足がペダルに届かなかったため)、この曲は「ペダルを使わない」、あと、右手と左手が同時に、2つのラインを演奏して始まり、ベースになるリズムのパターンは3つのみしか使わないこと。同時に鳴らす音は3つまで、つまり3つの声部の演奏で、和音は出てきません。





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