Rare Gravity

Since my daughter was born, at this point, 2 years ago, I have written several pieces inspirations drawn directly from her. This piece is about what I imagine what it would be like, to float on water inside mother's womb, but growing rapidly, before actually come out.
I imagine, in a meditative level how the liquid is protecting her, and peacefully floating, though all the nutritions are coming in from mother's body, and she grows rapidly inside. Orchestra plays the harmonics, ever unsettling, wave like manner, these sound, together with 2 vibraphones playing in pianissimo acting like a reverb for this texture, I am hoping the listeners would feel that we are surrounded by protected water and floating. Kind of levitation sensation.
I thought the structure of the piece, which was interesting and certainly i have never tried, was that the piece does develop, it is not at all one of those slow meditative music (it is in fact very fast in places, but i am hoping to create the meditative feel from fast music, if that is ever possible). It develops as how foetus grows, but the environment is the same, still in mother's stomach.
So in the middle section, the stings are playing this harmonic water-wave like music, with rapidly changing conductor's beat, the woodwinds (reed instruments) are rapidly growing, line becomes melody, becomes big melody, sometimes pitch range is wider than the harmonics texture which should be surrounding the woodwinds.
In the last section of the piece is suddenly contrasting, fast paced music with sudden drumming, the foetus is kicking away, as if she is playing football or kickboxing.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Elaine Mitchener)

 最後のセクションでは、突然のドラムと共に、それまでと対照的な速さに急変する。胎児はまるでサッカーかキックボクシングでもしているように蹴っている。 藤倉 大

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