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My initial idea was to create a virtual string orchestra which would be controlled by the soli violist. I thought that this would be every violist's dream!!!

Sometimes being a composer - a wizard who aims to make an instrumentalist's dream come true - is challenging. This virtual string orchestra had some 'ego' problems. Sometimes they don't obey the soloist, sometimes they are late, sometimes they play much louder than they should and sometimes they play out of in this sense, it is really a virtual orchestra!

I also decided to add another layer to the piece and decided to use semi-improvised live electronics. while I was working in the studio with my sound designer, Manuel Poletti, I referred to these electronic elements as my -"friends". I designed them to  behave like fish in a tropical sea. Sometimes they swim through the piece in a shoal sometimes they dart past like little rays of light coming in and out of shady coral.

All of these sounds are generated in response to the soloist, so the viola controls almost everything.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Harry Ross)

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