Bassoon Concerto

I based my Bassoon Concerto on a piece for solo bassoon, "calling". When I agreed to write the solo piece, I had already been asked to write the bassoon concerto. So I wrote this solo piece not only for its own sake but also to research the bassoon for the upcoming concerto commission. While I was writing "calling", I imagined how it would change into the concerto I would compose afterwards. However, after I began to write the concerto the musical material often came to me spontaneously. I didn't expect this at all.

The core idea of this concerto is to analyse the multiphonics of the bassoon acoustically and to orchestrate them on a bigger scale, showing a unbreakable connection between the solo bassoon's multiphonics and the virtual-multiphonics of the orchestra. The orcherstra's virtual-multiphonics of orchestra is inspired by the solo bassoon, and then this material inspires more multiphonic bassoon writing. In a way the orchestra is the aura that comes from a person - who is the bassoon soloist.

Dai Fujikura



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