The initial idea of this work was to imagine that every piece of musical material grows from very small particles of sound that expand and contract.

I think this idea has come from my experience of work in electronic music studios, where a technique I often use is to granulate melodic material into small particles.

The smallest particle of sound in this piece is one staccato note. I sculpted its sonic qualities as if I were working in an electronics studio.  Sometimes the staccato note becomes more rounded; sometimes sharper. 

It was quite challenging to start a piece for full symphony orchestra with only a solitary staccato note. However - since the note was continually growing it caught other notes as if its original source was a melody. Ever increasing it eventually turned into a phrase.

So - starting with just one note I grew a phrase which then transformed into a slow moving melody. This melody consists of linked chords which are melodic in form and line. It is built out of rapid figures that fade-in and fade-out, and are played by various instrumental groups. The instrumental sonority changes continually so that we can never really know who is playing the melody since, by the end of the piece, every instrument is contributing to it. This last part could be described as "juicy" or "meaty".  

When I write I try to consider sound as something which is not only aural but also visual and tactile. I imagined what it might be like to "taste" the texture of the perpetually changing sonority of one big phrase created by full orchestra.

Dai Fujikura (edited and translated by Uliana Khamkheeva and Harry Ross)


この曲の最初のアイデアは、一つの音の粒からはじまり、その粒の大きさがだんだんと大きくなったり小さくなったりする、、、というイメージから始まりました。もちろん一番粒が小さいのは1音のスタッカートですが、それがだんだんと丸みを帯びた粒になったり、鋭くちいさな粒になったり、大きくなれば1音ではなく2音、3音と含む粒になる、、、、それが大きくなり最終的にはフレーズになる、というメロディーの誕生する経過みたいなのをどうしたら表わせるか、、、というのがテーマでした。 この粒の考え方は多分電子音楽のスタジオで作っていた時の経験からなると思います。作曲してる最中は、一粒一粒「彫刻」する感じでした。


この最終部分に到達する為にこの作品は最初のスタッカートから始まっています。最終部分のこの部分は、僕にしては珍しく(?)とてもジューシーな、とっても脂ののった、柔らかいけど歯ごたえのある テクスチャー、、、を想像して作りました。


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