Touch of Breeze
At the time of writing this note for the programme book I have yet to compose this piece.
All I know is, it is going to be for clarinet, viola and sho (Japanese mouth organ). Okeanos have asked that this piece lasts 1 minute. It is sort of "introduction" to my other piece Okeanos Breeze.
So I am thinking about a piece which will be like a movie trailer, or even a teaser for my main piece Okeanos Breeze.
So, this should not be played immediately before Okeanos Breeze, it should be further in the front of the concert programme. (You don't watch the teaser right before the actual movie....)
I think Okeanos Breeze is quite a calm piece, so the teaser would be compressed fragments from this that won't satisfy until you hear Okeanos Breeze.

Dai Fujikura

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