silence seeking solace

This is one of the many works i have collaborated with poet Harry Ross. As usual for us, we created the music and text almost simultaneously, so that sound of English language matches exactly the sound of the music and the use of voice. For instance the passages of whispers and non-vibrato are reflected by the strings' harmonics or phrasing, and the words set to this bear the soundworld in mind. In places I limited the amount of consonants which Harry could use. In others I asked him for words to create more percussive sounds which would be a little like "white noise" like when sung fast in order to relate to the sound of the ensemble.

The grist of the work comes from the sculptures Sphaera, and Frau im Fels by Stephan Balkenhol. Harry Ross visited Salzburg to see this sculpture before start writing this work. I am not sure these two sculptures are connected, but we imagined they are, "silence seeking solace" is the view point of this woman in the rock over seeing the rather ordinary looking everyman on the golden sphere, in the middle of the city. Harry writes: I visited Salzburg last year - overland from Gülük in Turkey. Travelling 2,600km via a large collection of different modes of trasport. I felt that the subject matter merited this modern day pilgrimage. When I arrived in Salzburg I asked everyone I met their opinions of both Sculptures whilst trying to find them with no map. Their answers were unanimously complimentary - it was wonderful to experience such wholehearted engagement and response to a public art commission - and it was great to be so welcomed by so many people who directed me first to Toscaninihof then to Kapitelplatz. When I finally arrived at Kapitelplatz I sat opposite Sphaera. Something about the work made me feel very humbled. I basked in the sun and reflected on the many people I had met on my journey, and the enthusiasm of the Salburg for the art works in the city. I hope that our work pays suitable homage to Mr. Balkenhol's wonderful pieces, the people who commissioned them and the people who live with them.

Dai Fujikura + Harry Ross

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