Phantom Splinter

With this piece, my first idea was to create a forest of woodwind multiphonics. I don't know why I imagined such a thing as I don't like being in the "great outdoors" as I always have accidents and allergic reactions when I am in contact with nature. I would rather find a world in which all of the nature is man-made, with artificial trees and artificial insects.

Having said that, I like feeling one gets in a forest of "something" being there, of "something" whispering to you despite the fact one is alone. It's as if the forest is speaking to you.

I wanted to create such an atmosphere with this work. I wanted a forest which wouldn't bring me out in a rash (although this forest may indeed cause an allergic reaction in others!), and also to have a "warm" rain of multiphonics falling though the canopy. This somehow becomes part of these imaginary trees and the space acts as if it is alive, speaking and whispering to me.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Harry Ross)

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