In 2001, the time this piece was composed, I was writing mainly two types of music one is very slow atmospheric music, and the other one is fast, energetic and mechanical. My interest then, was to combine these two elements, as well as lyrical phrases, into one piece without having conventional "sections".

I was asked by John Woolrich to compose a four to five minute solo piece for Hoxton New Music Days. I was very pleased to be asked, but then thought four to five minutes? This means slow atmospheric music will be out of the window, because a slow piece takes a longer time to express what I want in music. I always wanted to write fast, groovy and funky contemporary music without a steady pulse. Conventional dance music bores me to death, because once I set foot into a party or night club, I know that I will be hearing music just in 4/4 for the whole night..

Eternal Escape is like watching a Scorsese movie. It should sound like (and be performed) with high energy throughout the piece with a lot of irregular rapid mood changes. This piece also contains a very short top phrase - a little bit sugary perhaps, coming in and out of the energetic, violent, irregular broken scherzo-like music.

I tried to compose six or seven minutes of music to compress into four or five. Finally my reason for choosing the cello was because I know the instrument quite well and also wanted to write a percussive piece for possibly the least percussive instrument.

Dai Fujikura

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