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------ OKEANOS ------
(can be performed indivisually, in any order and also as a 5 movement cycle)

1) "Touch of Breeze"

for sho, viola, and clarinet

performed by OKEANOS

2) "Breathing Tides"
for sho and oboe

performed by OKEANOS

3) "Cutting Sky"
for koto and viola

performed by OKEANOS

4) "SAKANA" (short version)

for clarinet

performed by OKEANOS

5) "Okeanos Breeze" for koto, sho, viola, oboe and clarinet (with rin and ocean drum)

performed by Okeanos

OKEANOS (the whole cycle)
performed by OKEANOS

"Korokoro" for shakuhachi
performed by Dozan Fujiwara

"Three Miniatures" for 2 pianos
Performed by Duo Piano 4 Hands (Waka Hasegawa + Joseph Tong)
1st Miniature 2nd Miniature 3rd Miniature

"PoyoPoyo" for horn
Performed by Nobuaki Fukukawa

"The Voice" for bassoon and cello
performed by Pascal Gallois (Bassoon) + Rohan de Saram (Cello)

Available to purchase from:

"Wondrous Steps" for 6 players
performed by LUCERNE FESTIVAL Ensemble
conducted by Chin-Chao Lin
'Wonderous Steps' - this composition is part of 'Music at Risk' commissioned for Swiss Re's 150-year anniversary project.

"Away We Play" for 3 female voices
Performed by Juice Vocal Ensemble
(LIVE recording, permission Juice Vocal Ensemble)

"Dolphins" for 2 violas
Performed by Nobuko Imai + Kim Kashkashian
(LIVE recording, permission from TV Man Union)

"Dolphins" for 2 cello version
Performed by Mari Endo + Kenji Nakagi
(LIVE recording, permission from Tokyo Opera City

"Dolphins" for 2 violin version
Performed by Retorica

"Calling" for Bassoon
performed by Hidetaka Nakagawa

and also:
"Calling" for Bassoon
performed by Rebekah Heller

この作品はCDで好評発売中です。下のサイトから購入が可能です (演奏:Rebekah Heller)。
This work is now out on CD (performed by Rebekah Heller). You can buy from:

"Following" for Bassoon
performed by Rebekah Heller

"Sparks" for guitar
Performed by Kosuke Hashizume (permission from Kosuke Hashizume)

Performed by Gaku Yamada (permission from Gaku Yamada)
YouTube video
Performed by Kenji Haba (permission from Kenji Haba)

"Glacier" for bass flute
Performed by Claire Chase

"Samarasa" NEW Version (with alternative ending) for violin !!!new!!!
Performed by Hae Sun Kang (LIVE recording)
(permission from Hae Sun Kang)

"Phantom Pulse" for 12 percussion players
Performed by Lucerne Festival Percussion Group,
Michel Cerutti (conductor)
(permission from the players + Lucerne Festival)

"Halcyon" for clarinet + string trio
Performed by Goldfield Ensemble (released from Minabel Records)

String Quartet No.2 "flare" for string quartet
Performed by Arditti Quartet
(permission from Arditti Quartet)

String Quartet No.1 "Another Place" for String quartet
Performed by The Maggini Quartet
(permission from The Maggini Quartet)

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