Sound clip

"secret forest" for ensemble
Performed by Art Respirant, conducted by Ken Takaseki
(permission from Art Respirant)

"my butterflies" for wind orchestra
Performed by Ensemble 20+, conducted by Michael Lewanski

Double Bass CONCERTO
Performed by:
Enno Senft double bass
Martyn Brabbins conductor
London Sinfonietta

"Sparking Orbit" for electric guitar and electronics
performed by Dan Lippel (guitar) + Experimentalstudio Freiburg computer music designer

"Scion Stems" for string trio
Performed by Zilliacus/Persson/Raitinen Trio

"Phantom Splinter" for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and live electronics trio !!! NEW RECORDING!!!
Performed by Nicholas Masterson (oboe), Rebekah Heller (bassoon) and Joshua Rubin (clarinet)
and Experimentalstudio Freiburg computer music designer

"The Spirit of Beings" for cello and electronics !!! NEW RECORDING!!!
(aria, awakening, floating, unending)

Performed by Matthew Barley

"The Spirit of Beings" for cello and electronics !!! NEW RECORDING!!!
(DIFFERENT ORDER: unending, awakening, floating, aria)

Performed by Matthew Barley

------ OKEANOS ------
(can be performed indivisually, in any order and also as a 5 movement cycle)

1) "Touch of Breeze"

for sho, viola, and clarinet

performed by OKEANOS

2) "Breathing Tides"
for sho and oboe

performed by OKEANOS

3) "Cutting Sky"
for koto and viola

performed by OKEANOS

4) "SAKANA" (short version)

for clarinet

performed by OKEANOS

5) "Okeanos Breeze" for koto, sho, viola, oboe and clarinet (with rin and ocean drum)

performed by Okeanos

OKEANOS (the whole cycle)
performed by OKEANOS

"Three Miniatures" for 2 pianos
Performed by Duo Piano 4 Hands (Waka Hasegawa + Joseph Tong)
1st Miniature 2nd Miniature 3rd Miniature

"PoyoPoyo" for horn
Performed by Nobuaki Fukukawa

"Wondrous Steps" for 6 players (Opening EXTRACT)
performed by LUCERNE FESTIVAL Ensemble
conducted by Chin-Chao Lin
'Wonderous Steps' - this composition is part of 'Music at Risk' commissioned for Swiss Re's 150-year anniversary project.

"Away We Play" for 3 female voices
Performed by Juice Vocal Ensemble
(LIVE recording, permission Juice Vocal Ensemble)

"Dolphins" for 2 violas
Performed by Nobuko Imai + Kim Kashkashian
(LIVE recording, permission from TV Man Union)

"Dolphins" for 2 cello version
Performed by Mari Endo + Kenji Nakagi
(LIVE recording, permission from Tokyo Opera City

"Calling" for Bassoon
performed by Hidetaka Nakagawa

and also:
"Calling" for Bassoon
performed by Rebekah Heller

この作品はCDで好評発売中です。下のサイトから購入が可能です (演奏:Rebekah Heller)。
This work is now out on CD (performed by Rebekah Heller). You can buy from:

"Sparks" for guitar
Performed by Kosuke Hashizume (permission from Kosuke Hashizume)

Performed by Gaku Yamada (permission from Gaku Yamada)
YouTube video
Performed by Kenji Haba (permission from Kenji Haba)

"Glacier" for bass flute
Performed by Claire Chase

"Samarasa" NEW Version (with alternative ending) for violin !!!new!!!
Performed by Hae Sun Kang (LIVE recording)
(permission from Hae Sun Kang)

"Samarasa" for violin
Performed by Hae Sun Kang
(permission from Radio France/Hae Sun Kang,
concert: 7th August 2010 at the Eglise des Cordeliers, Briançon)

dai fujikura

"Phantom Pulse" for 12 percussion players
Performed by Lucerne Festival Percussion Group,
Michel Cerutti (conductor)
(permission from the players + Lucerne Festival)

"Halcyon" for clarinet + string trio
Performed by Goldfield Ensemble (released from Minabel Records)

String Quartet No.2 "flare" for string quartet
Performed by Arditti Quartet
(permission from Arditti Quartet)

String Quartet No.1 "Another Place" for String quartet
Performed by The Maggini Quartet
(permission from The Maggini Quartet)

"K's Ocean" for Trombone and live electronics
Performed by Byron Fulcher (solo trombone) Sound Intermedia (live electronics)
(permission from London Sinfonietta)

Recorder Concerto
Performed by Ensemble Resonanz, Jeremias Schwarzer (recorder)
conducted by Peter Rundel
(permission from Ensemble Resonanz+Jeremias Schwarzer+VPRO)

"ice" for ensemble
Performed by I.C.E., conducted by Matthias Pintscher
(permission from I.C.E.)

"SAKANA" for solo tenor saxophone
Performed by Masanori Oishi
(permission from Masanori Oishi)
This work is now available from (performed by Masanori Oishi): iTune

"SAKANA" for solo clarinet VERSION !!new!!
Performed by Kate Romano
(permission from Kate Romano)

"But, I fly"
for 12 voices (text: Harry Ross)
performed by Vox Humana
conducted by Ryuta Nishikawa

"AMPERE" - piano concerto (4 extracts from the live recording)
Performed by Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, Noriko Ogawa (piano),
Conducted by Thierry Fischer

extract 1

extract 2

extract 3

extract 4

(permission from Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, Thierry Fischer and Noriko Ogawa)

"JOULE" for piano (last 5 minute extract)
Performed by Sunwook Kim
(permission from Sunwook Kim + BBC Radio 3)

YouTube video (WHOLE piece) Performed by Taka Kigawa

"Two little piano pieces" for piano !!new!!
Performed by Dai Fujikura
1) SekSek


"wave embraced" for horn and ensemble
Performed by BIT20 Ensemble, Saar Berger (horn), conducted by Trond Korsgård
(permission from BIT20 + Saar Berger)

"Fluid Calligraphy" for violin (and optional video by Tomoya Yamaguchi)
Performed by Barbara Lüneburg
(permission from Barbara Lüneburg)


"es" for double bass
Performed by Enno Senft
(permission from Enno Senft)

"prism spectra" for viola and electronics
Performed by Odile Auboin, Ircam computer music designer : Manuel Poletti
(permission from Odile Auboin + IRCAM)

"ATOM" for Orchestra (3 extracts)
Performed by Yomiuri Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by Tatsuya Shimono
(permission from Yomiuri Symphony Orchestra)

extract 1

extract 2

extract 3

"Stream State" for Orchestra (3min. excerpt) !!new excerpt!!
A performance from LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer 2005
The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra conducted by Pierre Boulez
Recorded by Swiss Radio DRS 2
on Friday, 9 September 2005 at KKL Luzern, Concert Hall
(permission from LUCERNE FESTIVAL+Swiss Radio)

"Fifth Station" for ensemble (5 extracts + 1 extract)
Performed by Ensemble InterContemporain

Conducted by Pierre Boulez
(permission from Ensemble InterContemporain)

extract 1

extract 2

extract 3

extract 4

extract 5

ANOTHER extract:
Performed by London Sinfonietta

Conducted by Martyn Brabbins
(permission from London Sinfonietta)

extract 6

This work is now out on CD. You can buy from:

"as I am" for mezzo soprano and large ensemble (extracts)
(text by Harry Ross)
Performed by Ensemble InterContemporain
Lore Lixenberg (mezzo soprano)
conducted by Susanna Mälkki
(permission from Ensemble InterContemporain)
from section 1

from section 2

from section 3

from section 4

from section 5

"The Voice" for Bassoon and Cello (extracts)
performed by Pascal Gallois (Bassoon) + Rohan de Saram (Cello),

This work is now out on CD. You can buy from:

"Lake Side" for 2 female voices (extracts)
performed by Lore Lixenberg (both voices),

This work is now out on CD. You can buy from:

"INKLING" for trumpet (extracts)
performed by Bruce Nockles

This work is now out on CD. You can buy from:

"time unlocked" for 6 players (the opening 3 min. extract)
Performed by Ensemble InterContemporain
(permission from Ensemble InterContemporain)

"flux" for solo viola
Performed by Johanna Persson

"abandoned time" for rock guitar and ensemble
performed by I.C.E., Dan Lippel (guitar),
conducted by Matthew Ward

この作品はCDで好評発売中です。下のサイトから購入が可能です (演奏:I.C.E.)。
This work is now out on CD (performed by I.C.E.). You can buy from:

"Accompanying Franz" for solo female voice (text by Harry Ross)
inspired by Schubert's lieder "Lindenbaum" and “Ständchen”
Performed by Lore Lixenberg
(permission from Lore Lixenberg)

"swarming essence" for orchestra and electronics (the opening 3 min. extract)
Performed by performed by Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France + IRCAM
Computer music designer : Manuel Poletti
Sound Engineer : David Poissonnier
conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw

"moment" for solo cello
Performed by Alexis Descharmes
(permission from Alexis Descharmes)

"returning" for piano
Performed by Noriko Ogawa (live recording of the premiere)
(permission from Noriko Ogawa)

"Vanishing Point" (REVISED version) for ensemble (The whole piece, LIVE recording)
Performed by Tokyo Sinfonietta, Conducted by Yasuaki Itakura
(permission from Tokyo Sinfonietta+Yasuaki Itakura)

"Vanishing Point" for ensemble (the opening 3 min. extract)

Performed by Ensemble Modern, Conducted by Franck Ollu
(permission from Ensemble Modern + Hessische Rundfunk)

"Vanishing Point" (REVISED version) for ensemble (The last 3 min. extract)
Performed by Ensemble InterContemporain, Conducted by Jonathan Nott
(permission from Ensemble InterContemporain)

"moromoro" for piano and electronics (optional Video by Tomoya Yamaguchi)
Performed by Yukiko Shinohara
See "Video Works"

この作品はCDで好評発売中です。下のサイトから購入が可能です (演奏:Hiroaki Takenouchi)。
This work is now out on CD (performed by Hiroaki Takenouchi). You can buy from:

"Eternal Escape" for solo cello (live recording)
performed by Adrian Bradbury


"Rubi(co)n" 100 notes for solo clarinet
Performed by Joshua Rubin

"Breathless" for toy piano and pizzicato violin
Performed by I.C.E.
(toy piano: Sebastian Huydts, violin: Marc Rovetti)
(permission from I.C.E.)

"Frozen Heat piano version" for solo piano
performed by Waka Hasegawa

"Frozen Heat ensemble version"
performed by Orkest de Volharding
(permission from Orkest de Volharding)

"Deepened Arc piano version" for solo piano
performed by Mei Yi Foo

"Clari4nics" for 2 clarinets and 2 bass clarinets
performed Chinook Clarinet Quartet

"Perla" (2003, re-composed 2008) for solo bass recorder
perforemd by Dorothee Oberlinger

"Still Sweet...." formezzo soprano, viola and alto flute
performed by Ksenia Jones (mezzo soprano)
Aroa Garcia Sanchez (viola)
Leora Alexander (alto Flute)

"Poison Mushroom" for flute and electronics
performed by Wissam Boustany (flute)

"Half-Remembered City" for 4 hands piano duo
performed by Tong/Hasegawa piano duet

"Reach Out" for saxophone quartet
performed by Apollo Saxophone Quartet

Original Soundtrack for film "A Boy Inside The Boy" (directed by Saburo Teshigawara)
performed by Dai Fujikura


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