Wayfinder - Viola Concerto 

Wayfinder is a viola concerto inspired by Polynesian wayfinding/star navigation and other indigenous navigational concepts for orienting oneself: using sea swells, wind, the sun, cloud colour and shape, and bird migration.

It was written for violist Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti.

Just before writing this concerto, I asked Leilehua what book she was reading right now and what kind of things she was into right now. She told me she has recently moved back to Hawaiʻi - where she is originally from and she mentioned a book about wayfinding. Leilehua is native Hawaiian, and I was curious to find out more about Hawaiian culture and history.

I immediately got inspired by the idea of wayfinding and I managed to get the book Leilehua was reading in the UK where I live and started reading it.

While I was still living in Japan as a small child, I remember going to Hawaiʻi for a family holiday. At the time, obviously, all I knew about Hawaiʻi was that it is a vacation destination. However, in researching this concerto, I approached this new way of observation and response inherent in wayfinding with joyful curiosity.

In most of my concertos, soloists initiate the musical idea and the orchestra amplifies, expands explores and then comes back to the soloist.

For Wayfinder - viola concerto, I aimed to do the opposite. I imagined that all the sounds and notes played by the orchestra were the stars, sea swells, wind and the sun. The soloist is the one who is on the boat navigating her way, guided by the stars and other elements—wayfinding.

The cadenza of this concerto is at the end of the piece. The solo viola plays the lyrical passage with extreme sul tasto—bowing almost in the middle of the fingerboard—to create an unusual, unstable but haunting sound.

The concerto was commissioned with the generous support of Elizabeth & Justus Schlichting.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti)


この作品は、ヴィオラ奏者・作曲家 アン・レイレフア・ランツィロッティのために書かれたヴィオラ協奏曲です。彼女のルーツであるポリネシアに伝わる伝統的な航海術、ウェイファインディング/スター・ナビゲーション(天体観測、海流や波浪の観測、生物相の観察、風向の観測などから自らの現在位置と方向を推測する航法技術)のアイデアに触発され、作曲しました。





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