The New House for Choir (1994)

This work was written when I was still in high school in England (I must have been 17 years old then), and in fact I think this composition was a part of the A-level course work to write a vocal work using this text by Edward Thomas who died in World War I. Recently I was contacted by the new Head of Music of the high school I went to. He said he was clearing the building and had found a hand written score of this work, and wanted to ask if his students could perform this piece. I asked him to send me the scanned copy of the manuscript, and I immediately remembered this piece which had been performed when I was high school student, also as a part of school course work. The Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo asked me if there was a piece they could perform as an encore, so I suggested this teenage work.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Alison Phillips)