Two years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Tomoya Yamaguchi at the opening of one of his solo exhibitions. The moment I laid eyes on his artwork, I knew I wanted to collaborate with him. Despite his background as a painter and sculptor, I approached him with the idea of working on a video project. At first, he expressed hesitance and reluctance, as video wasn't his usual medium. However, our conversation not only led to a friendship but also sparked his interest.

My lifelong passion for film has a profound influence on my composition. When I write, I perceive every note and section of the music as if they were movements of colors, camera tracking, or even edits in a film. It often feels like I have a cinematographer, director, and editor living within my mind, although their collaboration isn't always harmonious.

The experience of collaborating on "Moromoro" with Tomoya was fantastic. With his assistance, I had the opportunity to understand how these imaginary figures in my mind worked and see what one of their films would actually look like. Prior to working with Tomoya, I had only heard their soundtracks. Moreover, collaborating with someone I not only knew as an artist but also as a friend made the process much more enjoyable than the constant disputes among the film crew in my head. Tomoya even managed to convey that some of their visual ideas were subpar, temporarily silencing their disagreements.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Harry Ross)