for oboe

This is my first piece for solo oboe, and I was very happy to work closely together with the oboist Gabriel Pidoux for whom the work is written.

As usual, we worked together frequently before I even wrote the first note, and continued to do so from bar 1 until completion.
This is a process I enjoy.

I wanted to create a sense of overall harmony and melody from the multiphonics of the oboe.
As always, I treat multiphonics with a romantic sensibility, as if they are an imaginary group of instruments playing together in a dream.

Stems of melodies are growing out of the multiphonics, and also growing into the multiphonics.

In the last section of the piece, something is flickering in the distance, as if the horizon is flickering. It makes me think of the image of a mirage, probably in the desert I imagine.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Alison Phillips)