for piano, clarinet, oboe, horn, bassoon (2016)

“GO” is a quintet so I named it after the Japanese word for “five” and also for the English “Go!” This piece is comprised of six small movements all with different instrumental combinations.
You can play the movements in a different order every time, pick just one for a three-minute solo, or play all six and make it a twenty-minute piece.
I composed this piece the way I did because I was told it would be performed many times by the musicians I wrote this work for, and I thought it would be interesting if each version was different from the last. Each movement is quite distinct so changing the order in which they are played drastically changes the overall impression.
Also, not all the movements require a quintet and this will allow for the performance of some movements even when there are fewer performers.
I would love it if listeners perceive “GO” as a piece whose length, composition and interpretation vary from performance to performance.

Dai Fujikura