Bridging Realms 
for fortepiano

Bridging Realms is my third solo composition for the fortepiano. It might be considered somewhat unconventional for a 21st-century composer of new music to have written several pieces for this instrument, however, I've always had a deep fascination with exploring unfamiliar instruments and sounds.

Part of my interest in the fortepiano has come from collaborating with the keyboardist Naruhiko Kawaguchi, a specialist on the instrument. Working with him has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me. Our process involved me sending him fragments of the score, in which he would promptly perform and record them on his smartphone, and send them back to me. On reflection, this formula supersedes the ‘period’ aspect of the fortepiano (it is undoubtedly relevant and contemporary in nature). This process significantly enriched my understanding of the instrument.

As I worked on Bridging Realms, I was faced with an inescapable reality: the majority of musicians today listen to music using equal temperament and modern pitch systems of A=440hz. So what does it mean to listen to a period instrument in today’s climate?

Considering this auditory environment that we grow up and live in, I pondered how I could make the sound of the fortepiano feel fresh and contemporary, relative to today, rather than rooted solely in the past. My conclusion was envisioned as an imaginary instrument, one that does not exist. The closest visualization I can share is an unordinary instrument, resembling a gamelan, heard from afar, in a dreamlike state. Admittedly, my knowledge of gamelan is limited, and it's possible that what I heard in my dream bears little resemblance to actual gamelan music. It felt otherworldly. It felt ethereal. What if this music served as a magical element? One that could transport us to another realm?

Music has the potential to bridge us to other realms.

Dai Fujikura (edited by Joseph Ehrenpreis)

『Bridging Realms』は、僕の3曲目のフォルテピアノのための作品です。21世紀の現代の作曲家がこの古楽器にために何曲も書くことは、少し異例かもしれませんが、僕は常に自分の知らない楽器や音に深い魅力を感じてきました。


『Bridging Realms』の制作中、僕は避けられない現実に直面しました。現代の人間は日頃、平均律とA=440Hzの現代のピッチシステムで作られた音楽を聴いていると思います。では、現代の環境でピリオド楽器、古楽器を聴くとはどういうことなのでしょうか?


音楽は、僕たちを異なる世界へと橋渡ししてくれる、まさに<Bridging Realms> の可能性を秘めています。