Two Little Piano Pieces : "Seksek" + "AYATORI"

Every few years, I write small piano works just for myself, without commissions nor requests from anyone. I do this to go back to the basics of composing, so I can try out new methods and systems. In order to create these methods and systems I put strict limits on the piece. For instance I might develop a rule like "no more than 3 notes can be played at the same time", or "no pedal", or "right hand and left hand always move together" etc. In these little pieces I go back to basics, as if I were learning the piano as a small child.

By writing these pieces I unearthed new compositional techniques which I then applied to several works - including large orchestral works and concerti - where these new systems are developed and in use.

I also decided to write these two little pieces in August 2011, because my child was due to be born in a month and my wife banned me from starting work on any large scale commissions. So I wrote these little pieces to find a flexible new composition system whilst waiting for my daughter to come out into the world. A week after I finished, she arrived

Seksek is Turkish for "Hopscotch". Ayatori means "Cat's Cradle" in Japanese.

Dai Fujikura

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